Exploring the Metaverse to improve engagement with Health Care Professionals

Health Care Professionals (HCPs) have a tricky life balancing patient care, practise management, and gaining new scientific knowledge. Sanofi identified the opportunity of the Metaverse to explore how they can create value through the new medium in the focus area of supporting new scientific knowledge gaining.

In preparation for a national congress on Diabetes, we teamed up with Sanofi to create a VR experience utilising Metaverse platform, to inform HCPs about the triggers and initial stages of the disease.

The Challenge:
Sanofi had partnered with a third party to build a learning experience into a life sciences immersive web platform. The challenge they faces, bringing internal and technical stakeholders together to build an experience that aligned with Health Care Professionals needs and drivers.

Envisioning their metaverse experience with a strategic plan that included ideation sessions, workshops, and requirements mapping. My role involved defining the strategy with Sanofi and also managing design. I was able to also support with prototyping in 3D for VR during the process withe use of Bezi and Spline.

Through a process of validation of the medical content we investigated different methods of concept creation using low and high fidelity prototyping, allowing us to experiment with 3d content in a space that embraced co-creation with both stakeholders and designers.

Through rapid prototyping and user testing, the concept was evolved over a 6 week time period. Focusing on the opportunity to build pedagogical learning for scientific content within Virtual Environments, an initial focus on VR for the channel of engagement we identified, and the pilot setup to test the viability of this for creating HCP engagement.

This is a short version of a long project, please message me for a detailed case study!

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