PGB Pensioendiensten

A new employee
portal for PGB Netherlands

A new employee
portal for PGB Netherlands

During my time at Cognizant Amsterdam i've collaborated with PGB's team on creating a new employee portal. My work involved the creating of components and design patterns. The project occurred during various sprints using a user centred approach that involved Ideation, Prototype & Research cycles.

Role: Sr. Product Designer
+ Team of Interaction Designers, UX, PM, Engineers + Stakeholders.

Period: 3 months project, 2023

The final deliverable consisted of screens for different users stories and a new component library that would then work as a solid foundation for Wideroe's new Design System.

From Research to sprint planning, i've collaborated with stakeholders from early stage in the project in order to identify JTBD and user pain points.

The main challenge of the project was understanding each user role and creating variations of navigations that suits each user type.

For full case study, please contact me.

This is a short version of a long project, please message me for a detailed case study!

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